Who We Are

Our Key Goals

Architects for YES has been created so that members of our profession can help design and create the new Scotland that will come with Scottish independence.  We believe that our profession, with its broad range of skills and disciplines, is ideally placed to contribute both to the cultural and social renewal that can come with independence.  Independence will provide huge opportunities for our profession to use our experience to help shape the built environment and the social policies of a new state.  Fundamentally we believe that Scotland's future is best placed in Scotland's hands.  

Why Speak Out?

In our role as architects we see the impact of government policy not only on our own profession but also on the end users of our work.  Land traded as a commodity can have a devastating effect on some of our most fragile communities as high prices force the young to leave or live in poor, cramped housing conditions.  Likewise seeing vunerable people left terrified by the bedroom tax or benefit reform is not acceptable when so many within our profession work tirelessly to provide decent accommodation to these people. Only with control of tax and welfare can these issues, amongst many others, be addressed.

The Benefits of Independence

With independence our profession has the opportunity to help create a vision of a new Scotland.  We know that every person is entitled to not just shelter but a decent home. We also believe that every community should enjoy a wonderful built environment. This is good for health and wellbeing. A pride in our buildings and community will make people feel better about themselves and their country. As architects we can imagine that new Scotland and influence both policy makers and the public in making that vision happen.

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