• Spot the Quaffle

    Peter Wilson | 15/08/2014 | 0 Comments

    Watching Alistair Darling being interviewed by Sally Magnusson on Reporting Scotland this evening was revealing. Wearing his shiny new curmudgeonly expression and obviously itching to repeat his standard - and only - script on the perils of currency union, our Al clearly didn’t expect Sally to be so firm and to press so hard on some of his more questionable mantras. He certainly didn't anticipate her asking him what his vision for a ....

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  • IndyRef: the gift that just keeps on giving

    Peter Wilson | 13/08/2014 | 0 Comments

    Whoop-de-do! Another day, another UK government announcement of the big bucks it’s pouring into Scotland! It almost makes you wish the referendum process could be given an extension of time, right up until the next UK general election in 2015. Then we could be in the joyful position of watching the Conservative and Labour parties down south continuing to slug it out in order to show which of them can offer even more to Scotland after one....

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  • Peer Review

    Peter Wilson | 12/08/2014 | 0 Comments

    So, you haven’t made it to the House of Lords yet? It can only be a matter of time, given that you’ve made a handsome contribution to one of Westminster’s three main political parties. Oh, your donation was to the Liberal Democrats in support of their plans to reform the upper House of Parliament? Sadly, that idea – just like their stated intention to get rid of student fees in England & Wales - didn’t pan out....

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  • Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Peter Wilson | 11/08/2014 | 0 Comments

    So let me see if I’ve got this right. It’s 19 September 2014 and a majority yes vote that every major polling organization somehow managed to fail to see coming has sparked off blind panic in the streets of Perth and every other city north of the border. Scottish readers of 39 southern-owned newspapers such as the Express, the Mail and the Times have been caught completely unawares, their daily litany of the horror pending having t....

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  • Architecture: Rewarding Confidence

    Ross Aitchison | 11/06/2014 | 0 Comments

    The National Portrait Gallery, like the National Museum, has also seen a substantial redevelopment which has reawakened a national treasure. It was already impossible not to be taken in awe by the wondrous central hall decorated with murals depicting the great acts of Scottish history, but Page/Park Architects have managed to bring the same degree of joy to the gallery spaces. De-cluttering the many alterations that had damaged the architec....

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