Our Declaration


We are members of the architecture profession who support a Yes vote on 18 September 2014.  Primarily we are architects but also architecture academics, students and others engaged in the practice of architecture.

It is our belief that independence can bring about a more equal and democratic society.   The profession of architecture can have a profound role in shaping that new Scotland.

As architects we often see the impact of inequality and unfairness on our society such as land being traded as a commodity against the interests of the community, unaffordable housing and homelessness.   We also understand the impact that poor housing and buildings have on many within our society.

Our built environment is crucial to the wellbeing of the population.  It affects the quality of people’s lives with the best giving a sense of community, security and pride.  The worst leads to dislocation, isolation with lowered expectations and health outcomes.

We want our environment, both urban and rural, improved for Scotland’s citizens, where good architecture and design are accepted as an essential part of making people’s lives better.  We want a fairer Scotland where a right to good housing is enshrined in a written constitution.  This can be best achieved with a Yes vote on September 18.


Signatories (09.09.14)


Ian Muir  Director, Muir Walker & Pride
Dr. Gordon Anderson Director, Anderson Associates ltd.
Iain Meek Partner
Malcolm Parry Architect Director MParchitecture ltd
Andrew McAvoy Director
Emily Cavanagh Architectural Assistant Part 2
Ewan McIntyre Managing Director, EMA
Robert Gemmell Architect
Iain WD Forde Retired architect: FRIAS
Liam Dewar Director, Eurban
Anna Wynne  Architect
John Hall Architect
Kenneth Alastair Stone Director 
Lachie Munro Principal, Munro Associates
John Devlin Director
Fei Low  Part II Assistant, Reiach and Hall
Colin Baillie Architectural Designer Part II   
Peter Ruadh Drummond Principal
Frank Arneil Walker Emeritus professor of architecture
Dorian Wiszniewski            Architect and academic
Honor Thomson                 Architect
Iain Malcolmson             Partner
Crichton Wood                   Architect and Academic
Bruce Danraj                     Architect
Jill Andrews                       Chartered architect
Graham Hogg                   Architectural designer
Michal Scieszka                Architectural Designer Part II    
Gordon Smith                   Sole Practitioner Architect
Rory Wilson                     Landscape Architect
Ruth Arlenne Mclennan      Architect
Margot Stoddart               Architect
Christine Graham              Undergraduate Student
Gary Paterson                 Practice owner
Declan Hendrie                Architect's Assistant
Jordan Byrne                  Architecture student
Felicity Coleman              Architect
Ruairidh Moir                   Architectural Designer Part II
Jonathan Mennie              Architectural Designer Part II
Sally Ruel                       Architect
Sue Manning                 Partner
Richard Thompson            Architect
I. Duncan Porteous          Architect
Charles Strang                 Consultant Architect-Planner
Graeme Ditchburn           Architect
Patrick J Cronin             Partner
Rory Flyn                       Architect
Andrew Squire                 Architect
Philip McLean                 Principal architect
Alasdair Stephen             Partner,  Dualchas Architects
Neil Stephen                   Partner, Dualchas Architects
Laura Stephen               Part 2 architect, Dualchas Architects
Peter Wilson              Director, the Wood Studio, Napier Uni.
Mark Williams               Director, HRI architects,
Bruce Newlands             Director Kraft Architecture + Research
Roger Emmerson         Senior Architect, 3DReid, Edinburgh
Nick Domminney            Director, Gareth Hoskins Architects
Stephen Riley                Architect
Andrew Douglas             Apprentice Architectural Technician
David Somerville         Director David Somerville Architects
Tom Sneddon                Principal architect
Liam O'Shea                 Architectural Designer Part II
Ann Nisbet                    Architect
Peter Caunt                  Director + architect
Sandy Anderson          Principal, block 9 Architects
Archie MacAlister         Architect
Ian Parsons                  Principal, Ian Parsons Architect
Harman Scott              Principal,  Harman Scott Architecture
Roland Reid          Architect
Gail Halvorsen               Principal Architect
Ross Aitchison             Architectural Designer Part II
Peter Bowman              Partner, Cre8 Architecture
Richard Heggie            Director, Urban Animation
Neil Sutherland             Architect & Managing Director, Makar
Willie Miller                Principal, Willie Miller Urban Design
Suzanne  McIntosh       Director, Suzanne McIntosh Pl. Ltd
Robin Livingstone       Associate / Architect, 7N Architects
Duncan Gammie      Arch. Asst. Lifsch. Davi. Sandilands
Euan McLaren            Associate Director / Architect, 3DReid
Calum Duncan           Senior Architect
Michael Laurie            Principal Michael Laurie Architect
Clare Armstrong           Architect
Helen Lucas             Principal, Helen Lucas Architects
Malcolm Fraser            Principal, Malcolm Fraser Architects
William Smith              Architect
Gunnar Grove-Raines         Principal, GRAS
Dr Jonathan Charley    Academic
Craig Sutherland          Architectural Assistant
Tom Edwards           Architect
Don MacLean              Managing Director
Tom Smith                  Director, Lateral North
Euan Lochhead          Part II Architectural Assistant
Stuart Banks              Owner, T-Square Arch. Services 
Douglas Strachan      Principal
Megan Ward           Architecture Graduate
Sean Edwards            Part II Architectural Assistant
Stuart Graham         Senior Architect
Alex Hobday            Part II Architectural Assistant
Donald Simpson          Architect
Olli Blair                     Architect/ Director
David Wilson             Partner, Room Architects
Ewan Imrie                  Architect
Gordon McGregor      Architect
Gordon Bain             Senior Architect
James Munro             Director - The Architect Room Limited
Gordon Darge           Architect
Craig Stewart              Architect
Martin Baillie Architectural Assistant Part 2
Sally Mackay Associate, Taylor Architecture Practice
Thea McMillan Director Chambers McMillan Architects
Ian McMillan Director Chambers McMillan Architects
Neil Dargie Architect
Craig Simpson Architectural Assistant
Niall Anderson Part II Architectural Assistant
Les Hutt Principal, Leslie Hutt Architect
Roland L Reid RIAS RIBA Sole Practitioner
Desmond Travis Architect
Andrew Marshall Architect, 3DReid
Andrew Black Director Andrew Black Design
Stewart Stirling Director, Groves-Raines Architects Ltd
Cameron Allan Architect
Alex Dickson Architectural Assistant Part 2
Stephen Lynas Director & Chartered Architect
John Purves Architect
Eilidh Izat Part II Assistant, Reiach and Hall
Andy Law Director, Reiach and Hall
Daniel Gibson Architecture Graduate
Clare Paton Architectural Assistant
Garry Freckleton Principal
Promoted by Architects for Yes., Unit 4, Building 5, Templeton Business Centre, 62 Templeton Street, Glasgow, G40 1DA.