Official Launch of Architects for Yes

Alasdair Stephen | 21/08/2014 | 1 Comments

Architects could be at the heart of designing a new, better Scotland after a Yes vote. That was the message sent out by a group of Scotland’s leading architects who launched Architects for Yes at Calton Hill this Thursday at 1pm.

Malcolm Fraser, director of Malcolm Fraser Architects said, 

“I hope that this “Architects for Yes” initiative will resonate with our fellow Scottish architects and convince them that the simplicity and self-reliance of Independence would embolden us to win a renewed focus on the social and environmental aspects of our craft.

“But I also hope that it will convince others, outside architecture, that the benefits of Government close to us, focussed on the needs and potential of all of us, should have a major, and positive, impact on their built environment. “

Event organiser, Alasdair Stephen, partner at Dualchas Architects, said that he was hugely encouraged with the number of architects who have already pledged their support, and it showed that the architectural profession was ready to set out a vision for how Scotland could be a better place to live.

“We understand through our day to day work how issues as diverse as landownership and the bedroom tax can impact on how society functions. Architects should not see themselves as “servants of the industry” who carry out the task that the client or government requests, but as leaders who through our experience and skills can help set out policies which will make a better Scotland. Independence will give us that chance.”  

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